Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re-using yeast

Quick recap: I got married and brewed a dry stout, a Scottish, a saison and a Belgian honey pale ale for the occasion. They all came out well, though I liked the saison best.

Brewed a pale ale with my garden hops and four different small-batch, single-hop IPAs that I really should have documented here. Decided Zeus was my favorite of the hops I tried.

I just bottled a hoppy amber ale, like Troegs Hopback Amber or Nugger Nectar- I'm hoping for something in between them.

I've got a Dubbel (from a Northern Brewer kit) in secondary, and I made a strong golden ale and poured it onto the yeast cake from the Dubbel. There might be off tastes, since I used the same fermenter, krausen and all, but I'm no longer worried about the yeast not being to handle the OG 1.084 wort. For 24 hours, the fermentation was so vigorous I couldn't even hear separate bubbles on the blowoff growler. It was just pushing out gas so fast it sounded like there was a small motor running in my closet. Two days after brewing, I'm still hearing about 3 bubbles/second in there,

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