Sunday, October 19, 2008


After a week of miserable sobriety, I've found a new reason to drink.

No, I haven't been dumped again. Florian's expanded their beer cooler! The most notable addition is beer from Stone Brewery out in San Diego, but there's a handful of other new names as well.

Yes, I should be concentrating on Maine Beers. Stone Coast is closing its doors, which is probably a signal the Maine craft brew market has finally reached saturation.

It's a tough loss, though. Their 420 IPA was Maine's best IPA, at least the best you could buy in bottles, and I'll miss it. But don't worry, I haven't abandoned Maine beer. I have a few bottles of Casco Bay Summer Ale, along with a bomber of Atlantic's Scottish Ale, which I'll report back about in the next few days.

Yeah, I love Maine beer, but variety is always exciting. If you live near Auburn and haven't made it to Florian's in the past few weeks, it's worth a visit.